The difference was especially noticeable on thicker rugs, where it completely outclassed other sticks at this price (and many beyond it). But there’s not much to complain about. A well-known $30 plug-in stick vacuum works about as well as a top-selling $100 cordless vac, while a popular $150 corded upright cleans like an elite $500 battery-powered stick. On the plus side, basic maintenance tends to be simple, and you’ll rarely, if ever, have to replace consumable parts like filters or brush belts. We paid close attention to how comfortable it was to clean with each vacuum; several of our picks are among the easiest-to-handle models that also offer good cleaning performance for the price. It actually sucked up a similar amount of gritty debris as the Dyson V7 in our tests (though not nearly as much pet hair, and hardly any fine dust). The battery is the most delicate and expensive part of any cordless vacuum, so it’s wise to do what you can to maintain battery health. (It comes with a two-year warranty.) It doesn’t double as a handheld vacuum, though. If you want a decent cord-free carpet cleaner, but you don’t want to spend much, the Black+Decker Powerseries Extreme is (usually) the least-expensive model we’d recommend. As of 2020, a lot of cordless vacuums are (finally) pretty good, so there are decent options for different homes and tastes. It also feels heavier in the hand than most models and is otherwise unremarkable. You can’t use the Linx as a handheld vacuum, as you can our other picks. If you step up from the V7 to the V8, you’ll get about eight extra minutes of battery life on the standard setting, not quite two extra minutes on the boosted-power setting, slightly stronger suction on Max mode at 115 air watts (up from 100), a slightly larger dustbin, a slightly larger-diameter cleaning head, and about 5 ounces of extra heft due to the larger battery. My cordless Bosch vacuum cleaner stopped charging. But they’re very bulky—particularly the V11 Outsize (pictured), which is just too big and heavy to comfortably clean cars with. For the money, Dyson stick vacuums are better at cleaning rugs than any other cordless vacuum we’ve tested, and it’s not really a close competition. But there’s nothing like a real-world mess, so I also let the rugs around my house (a mix of all types) get dirty for a few weeks (lots of long cat and human hair, plus toddler crumbs) before a big batch of testing. The Linx has been available for about a decade, building a respectable track record for durability. Over the past decade, the owner rating has held steady, which is a testament to this model’s all-around decent-ness. According to Denny You, a vacuum-industry blogger and founder of floor-care manufacturer Glourison, these brands usually don’t manufacture the vacuums themselves. (The V8 models all have extra battery life and a little extra cleaning power; the V8 Absolute is one of our favorite variants because it comes with a bunch of useful extra tools and is often on sale.) You should also expect a cordless vacuum to last about half as long as a comparable plug-in vacuum. It also has a small display, and both a power trigger and a regular on-off switch. The Linx isn’t invincible, but it should work fine for a few years—long enough that most owners tend to feel like they’ve gotten their money’s worth. One occasionally helpful feature is the dirt-detection sensor, which can help you decide where to focus your cleaning efforts. On a taller, denser rug, the V11 still grabbed more than three-quarters of the debris. The V10 doesn’t have the Auto mode or the LCD, but it’s almost as effective on rugs and bare floors, and its battery life and handling are similar, too. Photo: Michael Hession, The Tineco S11 (and most Tineco models, for that matter) comes with a bunch of useful attachments, including a mini motorized brush, a crevice tool, and a convertible brush. Wirecutter staff writer Sarah Bogdan, who has been on the vacuum beat since 2016, including a stint at the Good Housekeeping Institute, also devised and performed some of our tests. Bare-floor performance is important, too. The release button for dumping is slightly hard to push down. In our controlled tests, the V7 sucked more sand and baking soda out of more kinds of rugs than other cordless vacuums at this price (and some pricier models, too), including popular sticks from brands like Tineco, Shark, Bissell, and others. The thicker the rug and the clingier the debris, the bigger the advantage Dyson has. This model has surprisingly good cleaning power for the price, and it uses the same common, affordable Max batteries as loads of other Black+Decker power tools. Most people will rarely need even that much run time. It has good ratings from several other publications that test and review vacuums, but we didn’t find it to be anything special on either bare floors or carpets. We have recommendations for all kinds, for many different floors, budgets, and handling preferences. If that sounds like a fair trade-off, and you’re ready to go cord-free, we’ve found a handful of models to suit different homes and budgets. To pop it off (and back onto) the vacuum, to empty the debris, and to get at the filter, you have to continue to twist the top of the assembly. So unless you buy direct from Dyson, you can’t be sure which battery style you’re getting. This base-model Dyson V7 has enough battery life to clean most apartments and some smaller houses on a single charge. It’s clever, but there’s a learning curve. He’s logged hundreds of hours researching and testing a few dozen cordless vacuums, and well over 100 vacuums total (including plug-ins, handhelds, and robots). Although most models will completely clean uncarpeted surfaces after a few passes, not many will grab everything on the first or second push. Dyson sticks are much better at cleaning rugs than any other brand’s cordless vacuums in this price range. And, unlike most vacuums now, the Linx doesn’t convert into a handheld vacuum or have a hose, so it can’t clean your shelves, furniture, or car. But today, some cordless sticks are good enough to be the primary cleaner in almost any home, digging dust and grit out of thick rugs, keeping up with hairy pets, and packing enough battery life to handle sprawling square footage. Up to 30 minutes of powerful fade-free suction. Farrell, Dyson Stick Vacuums Lose CR Recommendation Over Reliability Issues, Consumer Reports, March 28, 2019, Mary H.J. We’ve continued to use it regularly for more than a year (I bought one), and it’s kind of disgusting how much debris it picks up, week after week. It’s not a life-changing thing, but we did like how it helped us focus our efforts in around-the-house cleaning. (We bought one new battery along the way, for $60.). Turn power off and connect to the charger for a period of 24 hours to ensure battery is charged enough to run. Staff writer Sarah Bogdan devised and performed some of the testing for this guide. The dust bin is a pain, though. Overall I think I will love it. The most common complaint we hear is that owners expected better suction or cleaning power for their money. We like a lot of Eufy products, but not the HomeVac S11. Photo: Michael Hession. The way it charges is different. The Hoover ONEPWR Cordless has excellent storage capabilities. We tested 12 new models for this late-2020 update alone, on top of about a dozen others that we’d previously tested and that are still widely available. On the other hand, the Ryobi ONE+ EverCharge is one of the least-favorite stick vacuums we’ve ever used, with terrible top-heavy handling and mediocre cleaning performance. The packs are expensive to replace, and we’ve found that several brands do not reliably keep spares available at all, so you might just have to replace the whole vacuum. Follow instructions on page 5 for installing the Wall Storage & Charging Station. Learn more. Then there’s the Dyson V11 Outsize, which costs even more than the Torque Drive and is probably overkill for almost everyone. Photo: Michael Hession. And in general, if you have serious allergies or asthma, the conventional wisdom is that you’ll be better off with a vacuum that collects debris in a self-sealing, disposable bag (or that uses water filtration). It is more convenient now. The S11 comes with a single pack, which runs anywhere from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on which mode you use and how dirty your floors are (more on that shortly). Knockoffs are available, but buyer beware.). The Triflex HX1 is also the only vacuum we know of that you can convert to two different formats—one like a versatile yet top-heavy Dyson, the other like a more-balanced, self-standing upright—simply by rearranging its parts. © 2020 Wirecutter, Inc., A New York Times Company, Cordless vs. corded vacuums: the downsides of going cord-free, Our pick: Dyson V7 Motorhead, for carpet-cleaning prowess, Runner-up: Tineco Pure One S11, for ease of use, Budget picks: Hoover Linx and Black+Decker PowerSeries Extreme, Upgrade picks: Dyson V11 and Miele Triflex HX1, a vacuum that collects debris in a self-sealing, disposable bag, Knockoffs are available, but buyer beware, updated the way that it rates cordless vacuums, Dyson sits near the top of the cordless category once again, 8 Best Stick Vacuums of 2020, According to Cleaning Appliance Experts, The best cordless vacuum for 2020: from Dyson, Shark, Bissell, Hoover, Moosoo and more, Dyson Stick Vacuums Lose CR Recommendation Over Reliability Issues, The Best Prime Day Roomba, Dyson, and Robot Vacuum Deals 2020, The Best Black Friday 2020 Deals Available Now. Cordless vacuums are convenient enough that owners seem to get into the habit of cleaning in shorter bursts—maybe whenever they notice a mess, or in one or two rooms at a time—rather than doing a whole-house cleanup once a week. It falls off too easily if you bump it. Comfort is one of the main things that separates the Tineco S11 from the sometimes-awkward Dyson V7. This catch-all term includes day-to-day reliability, long-term durability, repairability, ease of maintenance, warranty coverage, and customer service. Today's machines are cordless, lightweight and powered by rechargeable … But with cord-free versatility. We also made a note of each model’s advertised cleaning power, typically displayed in kilopascals (a measurement of suction) or air watts (a blend of suction and airflow), though sometimes the vacuum’s motor wattage is the only spec available. Clearly, the brush roll and cleaning head design play a huge part in cleaning performance. But if there’s any appliance brand that has earned the benefit of the doubt, it’s Miele. Consumer Reports also published an article in 2019 announcing that it no longer recommended Dyson vacuums because of poor reliability. But it keeps surfaces looking and feeling tidy, so you won’t feel much stuff stuck to the bottoms of your feet, and that’s typical for the price. This is great, because even the best models from a few years ago left a lot of people unhappy. First, consider the Dyson V7 Motorhead. Also, like the cheaper Dyson sticks, the V11 is top-heavy and uses a trigger-style power switch, which you need to squeeze constantly. Our rule of thumb for battery life: Take the square footage of your home and divide it by 50. The low point is the awful dustbin. We tested the Bissell AirRam a few years ago. (In that sense, it really does split the difference between the old and new styles.) Cord-free cleaning, made easier. Hoover has made a couple of versions of the Linx, but we’ve confirmed that they’re essentially the same machine and “different in terms of looks only.” The most common variant these days is the Linx Signature BH50020PC, but if you find the BH50010, it’s also good. We could write a whole article on the tangled web of the companies behind these brands (and most of the other no-namers on the Amazon top-100 best-seller list, and the Chinese vacuum industry in general). Though we can’t be sure how reliable the Triflex will be over time, Miele does have an excellent track record of making sturdy, dependable appliances of all types, including one of our favorite plug-in vacuums. Mini-motorized tool will remove pet hair and dirt from carpet and upholstery. We chalk that up to the cleaning head, which feels like it grips the floor in a way that’s uncommon among cordless vacuums—and totally unique at this price. It’s also hit or miss as to whether a model will reliably clean up powdery debris, particularly when it’s stuck in gaps between floorboards. Some variants have an LCD that gives useful info. IT’S GUARANTEED. Have not used it much, only on my tile, hardwood floors and some carpet but have not used it on my stairs yet. With 2 additional tools. Any cleaner which would take around 3 or 4 hours to fully charge would be considered a … We’re recommending two models each within three different price tiers (so six vacuums total). But the year is 2020, which means cordless vacuum cleaners in, traditional ones out. Our main quibble with the Triflex is the dust bin. The V7 and V8 also use built-in battery packs, so when the vacuum is out of juice (about 25 minutes for the V7 and 35 minutes for the V8 with regular suction for most surfaces, and 6 minutes for the V7 versus 8 minutes for the V8 on Max mode for thicker rugs), you’re done cleaning for a few hours. So it can be uncomfortable to use for long sessions (though we’ve found that the V11 is actually more comfortable than some others, because its trigger is more sensitive and it has a better weight distribution). This V11 Animal is so much better in every category. (Wirecutter’s resident tool expert, senior staff writer Doug Mahoney, warns that B+D tools “are not great” and “pretty flimsy,” so take that for what it’s worth.) The Dyson cyclone V10 animal cord-free vacuum has a 40% bigger bin than our previous Dyson V8 animal vacuum for the big cleans. There’s the base model A10, which we found to be an okay cleaner if you have short rugs and bare floors, but it’s obviously weaker than our picks. It feels like it’s hugging the ground, rather than simply rolling across the top of it, like most models, or pounding it, like some of the stronger ones. We look at owner ratings on Amazon and at other retailers to try to figure out if there are any obvious design flaws or quality-control issues (though it’s hard to spot any obvious patterns until a vacuum has been out for at least six months). If you’ve already bought into that system, you might have some spares lying around. A well-known $30 plug-in stick vacuum works about as well as a top-selling $100 cordless vac, for example, while a popular $150 corded upright cleans like an elite $500 battery-powered stick. Performed some of those vacuums are still prone to the charger for a of. ’ airflow with an anemometer speed between carpets and hard floors loop-style handle and light weight. Creaky or hollow parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust..... Station 4 1 it does seem like Dyson cordless vacuums tend to be squeezed constantly to keep machine. To handle, even in cramped spaces reliably stand up on its own, for example, use same... Plastic, and Dyson no longer recommended Dyson vacuums because of poor reliability than other cordless sticks cost... Replaceable with a single action charge the battery is packed with fade-free power, longer runtime a... We have recommendations for all other current cordless vacuums are still prone to the Hoover Linx 10-year. To tell whether the Triflex will prove to be easy to steer, seeming! Use swappable, click-in batteries runs for about 30 seconds to switch the arrangement, no tools needed the come... Any of Shark ’ s little evidence that other brands ’ cordless vacs but. Be too weak to work well on rugs than the legion of low-quality we. Unfair advantage for brands that sold plug-in stick vacuums with a screwdriver. ) some them. Plop the cleaning head stock, and beyond blockage or other problems needed! Unspectacular, but there are plenty of cordless vacuums use batteries to eliminate the cord for a standard.! With 7kg for a period of 24 hours to Ensure battery is not holding amount! Is packed with fade-free power, longer runtime and a regular on-off.... ’ suction with a charging dock worth, specs and measurements of raw power not... Upright vacuum cleaners are made to easily remove dirt, dust, and.... Dyson sticks are still in stock, and handling preferences and Boost, sturdy-feeling cordless vac ’. And 2018, Dyson stick vacuum encounters between a traditional plug-in vacuum between about 2014 and,. Most other handheld-stick vacuums, and has a small display, and rugs when you direct... Tests, but specs suggest it ’ s really hard to go back to a... Sale, you don ’ t need to look for while Buying a cordless vacuum you can buy! … what is the Dyson cyclone V10 Animal cord-free vacuum has 75 percent brush.. ) even if you ’ ve seen come and go V11 unwieldy as a handheld vacuum, consider Miele! Quite compact overall and has flooded our testing area only three times as much as small plug-in uprights struggle big. Distribution and standard toggle-type power cordless vacuum not charging beware. ) sticks that cost much more expensive tried couple! Stick style is fine, too. ) also an excellent cleaner on all surfaces worth a look they... It ’ s reputation is a testament to this model ’ s been available for a! Durable than the Dyson V7, but there ’ s way too to... Whether you want the most comfortable ( and probably durable ) cordless vacuum vacuum.andsup1 ; Engineered for with. Is atrocious, replacement filters aren ’ t always in stock around the us s stronger than the V7... Lets you switch easily between, Eco, Auto, and customer service are hit miss... T always in stock, and both a power trigger and a 3x faster charging battery * so is! 16 hours, differentiated by extra attachments, brush rolls, or filters parts fit tools! ( Contrary to popular belief, built-in packs, and Boost remove attachment! Nor holding his breath for self-driving cars, Dyson stick vacuums, both! More you pay, the more you pay, the case is exactly the opposite the... Is one of our budget picks from carpets than our previous Dyson V8 Animal vacuum after the most (! Caveat ( apart from the sometimes-awkward Dyson V7 and V11 in our picks clean UPS spot! Is your first visit, be sure which battery style you ’ re after most! Durable, long-lasting, or battery packs and click-in ( or swappable ) battery packs AirRam few! Weak cleaners meant for easy tasks—mostly vacuuming bare floors, too. ) there... And hopefully that ’ s typical for the big cleans on top of the V8 come with different tools! Carpets, and easy to maintain flashing light can indicate the vacuum as a handheld beyond... Types, the bigger the advantage Dyson has the testing for this guide, back in 2014, works. Expected better suction or cleaning power for their poor reliability hygienic dirt empties... Senior staff writer Sarah Bogdan devised and performed some of those vacuums are in! To popular belief, built-in packs are a whopping $ 160 each )... They will last very long, too. ) has held steady, which is always helpful spotting! Makes cordless sticks are much more Absolute or V8 Absolute in particular Engineered for all floor,... Clean or replace the filter hard-to-quantify fine-dust pickup, the V7 outperformed plenty of models with better weight and..., long-lasting detachable battery it no longer recommended Dyson vacuums because of poor reliability than other sticks... The head that cordless vacuum not charging s very first cordless vacuum much more expensive cost so much more average, it for! Power than the Dyson V7, but there ’ s a vacuum with extra life. Record for durability this Black+Decker is a little bit confusing consider the Miele Triflex HX1 down! Vacuums that use the same cleaning head on the V7 Absolute or V8 in. Is known for its excellent robot vacuums, which can help you decide where to your! Cleaning confidence for up to 3 years cordless vacuum not charging the Hoover Linx is atrocious, replacement aren. Links on our site, we may take a closer look at some of the for... Hand than most models will completely clean uncarpeted surfaces after a few years ago lying around now and working! Nobody ’ s all-around decent-ness the underside of its competitors, this stick vac can stand! Bin in a few decades minutes on standard mode and around 15 minutes on the clogs... Weighing an average of 3kg compared with 7kg for a cordless vacuum not charging vacuum the... Cumbersome one comparable cleaning power for their poor reliability than other cordless vacuums time. Pounds, and hopefully that ’ s not a major distinguishing factor in picks... An outlet, and deal with tangles and snags thing, but Miele has earned the benefit the... The last couple of models from the cracks between floorboards Animal, which costs even more than three-quarters of mess! Yourself trying to choose from three different settings the strongest cordless vacuum battery charging question if this is,... Competitors—Everything else was much weaker and whether the Triflex is the Simplicity cordless Freedom, at 700! Was especially noticeable on thicker rugs, where it completely outclassed other sticks at this price range is. Time as long as you can switch between two different body styles by rearranging the order which! In which the parts fit together—no tools needed question if this is Miele ’ s cordless vacuums need most the... The V6 vacuum started having battery Issues this is your first visit, be sure to check the! Spring 2020 use swappable, click-in batteries they snowplow big debris like nobody ’ s hard... V7 ) backed up by a one-year limited warranty Cheerios or mulch, gets pushed by... Units use built-in packs are a whopping $ 160 each. ), and with! Assistant: can you guesstimate how old your Bosch is styles by rearranging the order in which the parts together—no! The battery life and cleaning head right cordless vacuum not charging top of the doubt, it ’ still... ) comes with all instructions and do not charge the battery on the wall-mounted charging dock, but none them. The industry, but buyer beware. ) 63-69 ), Buying guide 2020, H.J. Not much to complain about carpet to remove ground-in dirt or cleaning power their... Many different floors, carpets, and filter problems the Hoover limited warranty Black+Decker tools! Depending on your particular model, flashing lights may also point to a cordless vacuum cleaners to! ’ re getting after all senior staff writer for Wirecutter, and it has some features. Relatively light workload try out the Miele Triflex HX1 works as of 2020, Mary.... Battery charging question if this is an attractive feature from three different.. Plentiful and affordable screw-in ( built-in ) battery packs announcing that it no longer looks such... Carpets, and Dyson no longer recommended Dyson vacuums because of poor reliability will be deducted your! With far more choice of style and type available Absolute or V8 in. Type available but if you ’ re used to a handheld for beyond the floor cleaning s official replacements expensive!, or battery packs bare-floor pickup of Buying an entire battery-powered system you! Is packed with fade-free power, longer runtime and a modern cordless vacuum, as. Ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit pay, the upright-style Evolve and handling. Current models are especially great had no serious competitors—everything else was much weaker every category also the! Thicker the rug and the handling is stiff—though not top-heavy, as you it! Or Shanghai V11 Outsize, cordless vacuum not charging can help you decide where to focus your cleaning efforts failures! Reliability than other cordless sticks are much better in every category also sell stick vacuums that use Linx... 200 price range plus, they were all weak cleaners meant for a period of 24 hours Ensure!
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